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You just got home with your brand-new puppy: you walked in the door together, he peed a little on the floor, you mopped it up, and now you’re sitting looking at each other. What next? If you’ve had the foresight to buy a copy of Puppy Care: Dog’s Eye View, you’ll already have a plan. Not only is it an indispensable guide to the first year — and beyond — but it’s also the first book to look at situations from the puppy’s, as well as the human’s, point of view. Dog cognition studies are on the rise; science knows more than it ever has about the ways in which dogs think and feel. And if you are able to take a puppy-level view of your new pet’s life, it will help you to understand why he loves what he loves, what things might scare him — and how you can help him to overcome his fear — and why he does the things you’d prefer he didn’t do (so that you can come up with kind, constructive ways to get him to stop). In a sensible, easy-to-follow text that offers invaluable insights into the world as seen through your puppy’s eyes, you’ll find essential guidance on: eating, sleeping, playing, training, socialising (both with people and with other dogs), problem-solving, and building the best-ever relationship with your puppy.

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The Dog’s-Eye View on Caring For Your Pet

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