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Art can transform a space. Whether your style is classic, modern or somewhere in between, artwork will raise your decor to a whole new level. But forget the days of hanging a piece and just leaving it there. It’s time to create a new mindset, rotate your art and keep your walls alive and interesting. Consider switching your artwork as your tastes develop, when you find new prints that you love or even with the seasons. For example, beautiful bright botanicals set the perfect tone for the first sign of summer, while a dark and alluring abstract will keep things cosy when the winter nights start drawing in. Accessorise your art just as you would an outfit. Is a piece so striking it deserves a wall of its own, or can you enhance it with other objects from your home? Try hanging your art above a shelf, then decorate the shelf with an interesting vase or plant. You can do the same on bedside tables, fireplaces and even baths and sinks. Let the way you hang art become part of your own unique style. Update your space as often as you like with these beautiful botanical illustrations. Printed on high-quality paper, each artwork is simple to remove and ready to frame. A perfect gift for any nature lover.

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