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This exciting new title from acclaimed chip carver, Tatiana Baldina, will show you how to create geometric patterns out of single pieces of timber. Finished pieces can be very intricate and complex but amazing results can be achieved surprisingly easily with the right guidance. Unlike many types of woodworking, chip carving requires very few tools, usually just two knives and is a wonderful way too decorate all manner of existing objects including boxes, plates and furniture. Included are 15 distinctive projects, starting with a practice board and progressing in difficulty. The necessary stages are explained with the use of detailed step-by-step photographs and accompanying text. Tatiana explains how to draw each design onto the wood, in preparation for the actual carving process – an essential way to learn about the craft and the way the designs can be used on three-dimensional objects. Templates are also provided.

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Geometric Patterns to Draw and Chip out of Wood

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